Laser cutting, fabrication and design

We provide laser cutting, engraving, model making, prototyping, small-batch production and design consulting to the architecture, product design, fashion design and artist communities in New York. From simple cut jobs to soup-to-nuts design, drafting, production and finishing, we take pride in our ability to provide quality service quickly and affordably.


We have an interdisciplinary background in architecture, product design, design engineering, graphic & user interface design, fine art and most recently, fashion. We've also taught courses in design fundamentals, materials and fabrication at the University of Pennsylvania. Come with your idea in any stage and we can work together to make it product-ready.


In addition to laser cutter file preparation, we're happy to help with any drafting or 3D model making you may need to help visualize your product. We excel in AutoCAD, Rhino and Adobe Illustrator. We're also expert hand-drafters, should you want a piece of artwork to accompany your finished creation.


We keep common materials in stock for your convenience. Customers are welcome to supply their own materials, provided they are safe to cut or engrave on the laser. If you're not sure, just ask! We're also assembling a comprehensive database of acceptable materials and their properties on our website. Please note that we cannot work with anything that contains PVC (aka vinyl), as it gives off toxic chlorine gas when cut that is not only dangerous for health reasons, but will also destroy the laser optics.


Whether you need one or fifty, we're happy to help. Laser cutting is perfectly suited for creating samples as well as production runs.


The creation of a mindfully drafted, error-free laser file is key to completing a successful job. We check every file for errors before cutting to ensure that no material or laser time is wasted. For those customers who don't know how to use drafting software or who just need to save some time/hassle we offer comprehensive file preparation services for an extra change.


While we specialize in one-offs and small-batch production, we can also accommodate larger orders on a case-by-case basis.