Learn How To Bring a Product to Life! One-on-One Guidance, Checklists, and Other Support

Are you sitting on an idea for a great product - one that has the potential to make people's lives better while making you a living - but aren't sure how to make it happen?

I'm Liz, the resident Sourcing Expert at Maker's Row and a guide to product entrepreneurs of all kinds.

Getting started can feel both exciting and totally overwhelming, especially when you are a newcomer to the world of design and manufacturing. That's because there's MUCH more to product-making than simply making a tech pack or finding a factory! From negotiating with suppliers to implementing quality controls to... (more)


There are many decisions you will need to make while developing your product. We'll work together to identify which design tasks you need to still need to complete to be 'factory-ready', locate and vet design partners, negotiate terms, guard your intellectual property, figure out what type of testing, focus groups, and/or user studies would benefit your business... and more!


Are you looking for a pattern-maker? We will discuss the types of pattern-makers out there (freelancers vs. design firms. vs in-house factory designers) and the unique benefits of each partner, as well as tips to improve your working relationship.


Researching and choosing materials is a big job. We'll make a game plan for making smart materials choices, finding the best material suppliers, ways to keep costs down, and more.


Sample making can be a bit confusing. What do you need to have prepared? Who makes your samples? How much will it cost? We will run through how sampling works, what you need to provide in order to get the best samples possible, and what you should expect to pay. We'll also talk about where to find sample-makers and how to vet them.


Tooling is often expensive! Understand the in's and out's of molds, casting etc before getting started. Together we'll identify your tooling needs and how to best approach this portion of your project.


Managing production is one of the most important tasks you have as a product entrepreneur. Get educated about how to find and vet the best factory partners, the ideal order quantity for your budget and target retail price, best practices for managing quality control (and what to do if you're currently dealing with a quality problem), how to deal with production timelines and more!