We create today's conversation pieces from yesterday's materials

We specialize in working with recycled fabrics and materials. We have an accessory and apparel line which is made from recycled sweaters and recycled t-shirts. We have been doing our own manufacturing of these items since 2003 and work with a number of cutters and sewers. We have the experience and knowledge to do the manufacturing for other vendors as well. We offer reasonable pricing based on a piece work rate as well as superior quality control. We can also help you with your designs and patterns.


We have had a lot of experience working with our own patterns and refining those of pattern makers. We have worked with a good deal of different materials and are conscious about keeping costs low and making expediting the manufacturing processes.


We have made our own patterns as well as worked with patterns made for us. Although we don't have experience making patterns from scratch we can help tweak patterns that have already been made and critique the how the finished product will look with the pattern being used.


We can only sell the materials we are already using - recycled sweaters. The customer would have to provide any and all materials.


Yes we will create samples as well as tweaking the samples once they are made. We do charge a fee for samples made.


Yes we have the ability to help with production preparation as well as access to an die cut machine. We would not be able to help with tooling.


We can mass produce if we have a lot of lead time. The largest production run that we have done to date was 7,000 pieces which were made from scratch in our Plainville, MA studio. This was from our own recycled sweater line and was sold through a large retailer.