Exotic Leather and Belts

We are a private label exotic leather belt and small leather goods manufacturer . We are the largest producer of exotic belts in the United States. We can make custom, small and large orders. We have been in the business for over 30 years making belts for many famous brands and department stores.
We are also a wholesaler of exotic skins and leather. We have over 60,000 skins in stock in many colors and finishes. At our own finishing plant where we can create custom colors and finishes in many of our exotic skins. We also manufacture some small leather... (more)


We have over 30 years experience making belts. We have made every kind of belt for every kind of company. Knowing all the possibilities allows to refine your product into an amazing belt.


We sell almost all exotic skins in a great variety of colors and finishes. Some of our skins: alligator, ostrich, crocodile, snake, stingray, bison, lizard, Italian calf etc.... We have over 60,000 skins in stock at all times. If you need it, we got it. We also provide all the leather and materials for the belts and small leather goods we produce.


We can create samples .


We have all the tools and production capabilities to make any kind and quantity of belts.


We can make anything from 1 belt (using one of our 5 custom belt makers) to over 1000 at a time (using our production line).