An organically certified yarn Dyehouse

Maine Dye is a mid-scale commercial skein dyeing operation located in the industrial park in Saco, Maine. Certified in 2012 under the International Global Organic Textile Standards, the Dyehouse focuses on a growing book of business in synthetics (nylon and polyester) with a continued focus on natural fibers. In 2016, the Dyehouse added a 500/lb. Bellini package (cone) dyeing machine to work along side its skein dyeing program. The average production is 20 tons a month with the capacity to expand significantly. The Dyehouse has a combination of expertise in all of aspects of dyeing and... (more)


The Dyehouse staff will work with customers on color development, matching and sample dyeing. In addition, the Dyehouse owners have had extensive experience in managing a farm collection program and yarn production process for small volume specialty fibers.


The Dyehouse owns and dyes a brand of yarn called Paternayan. This 3-ply wool is sold into the needle-arts, rug and liturgical pieces market. Dyed into 416 colors, the yarn is available through the Dyehouse for wholesale customers. In addition to Paternayan, a signature line of natural fiber - both organic and non-organic yarns - is under development and will be marketed as the Dyehouse Yarns beginning in late 2013.


Color matching and working with customers on samples for their projects is integral to the dyeing operation. If a customer has developed a color palette, the first step in the dyeing process is color matching completed by one of the Dyemasters and customer approved. If additional color design work needs to be completed, color design services are also available.