Soft goods, all goods.

MakerB Studio is here to help you take your ideas to the next level. With roots in industrial design, we’re fluent in the design process of bringing great ideas to life. Even the best idea will crumble without a strong foundation beneath it. The real challenge is figuring out how to implement great ideas in a way that makes production simple, streamlined, and cost-effective, while continuing to uphold the values of the brand and the consumer.

MakerB wants to help you take the next step in bringing your product to market, whether it’s sourcing material, stepping into high-volume production, or coming... (more)


In this stage we'll work to refine your design and prepare it for production. The goal at this point is to gather input from you about your idea, help translate your ideas into a manufacturable product while maintaining your design aesthetic and function.


Once a design is finalized, we can move into digital and hard patterns of the design. We use a variety of CAD softwares to both create and digitize patterns, including Rhino, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Lectra Formaris. From there it's time to prepare for the sample making process by testing all viable pattern options in a variety of potential materials.


We'll work together to determine the ideal material for your application, then we'll get to work tracking that material down for you. With so many connections in the fabric and leather industry, we're bound to find what you need. If you're looking for a material that doesn't yet exist, we can help you make the necessary connections to have your material custom made for you.


We'll build as many iterations of your product as we need to until we get it right and you sign off on it. Once we have a winning sample, we're ready to start discussing production of your perfected design. Most of the sample making is done using CAD and Rhino modeling to build the foundation for automation early in the process.


Once samples have been approved by you and you're ready to bundle up the production assets for your factory, we'll digitize all necessary patterns, provide sewing/assembly instructions, and production-level spec sheets.


With your design perfected, we're ready to get all the manufacturing assets in line for production. We want to help you design your product so that it's as affordable and efficient as we can get it. The best way we see to do this is to measure every step of the way—production for us includes thorough spec sheets, detailed assembly instructions, accurate labor studies, precise material consumption, and top notch quality control.