Bespoke Furniture

For over 30 years, Mallet in collaboration with Mike Manion, has worked with the design community to create ‘bespoke’ custom furnishings for homes, offices and restaurants across the country. Mallet offers full scale models and drawings. Our clients feel this level of service is the secret to our success. With the scarcity of wood and increasing eco-awareness, it is our pleasure to go the extra distance.

Integrity and commitment are two core values carried throughout our company. From these values come great projects. Some of our clients include:
•Mc Cormick & Schmick Restaurants (Nationally)
•Mario for Men (Retail - Portland, OR)
•TWIST... (more)


Designers come into our showroom or call with a picture they have seen or a trend they have heard about. We have a creative department that assists in developing the designers idea.


Our creative department is always available to hand sketch drawings w/ dimensions for our designers.


We operate a 10,000 sq ft wood shop in Portland, Oregon. We use local vendors to source all of our materials. We use local artisans for finish work, painting & staining.


We offer full size drawings as well as models.