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Sortation is the challenge of putting the right thing in the right place at the right time. At Mantissa Corporation, we design and build high speed sortation and conveyor systems that elevate that challenge to an art form. Responding to thousands of independent real-time computer commands every second, Mantissa systems move everything from apparel, newspapers, and truck tires - to books, shoes, and computers - to exactly where they need to be, when they need to be there, with complete product integrity. Everything we do at Mantissa is focused on what must happen, literally, outside the box (or around any... (more)


This stage involves gathering all the necessary materials needed to make your product. Some factories provide materials and assembly; sometimes you will need to buy materials separately.


"Production run" means making a lot of one product at once. The factories listed under "production" can produce small and/or large quantities. The minimum order for a production run can vary from factory to factory (some have no minimum, some require a dozen, and some require up to 1,000 to be made at once)