Pewter Casting & Finishing Company

We have been in business since 1996 and specialize in lead free pewter and zinc castings. Listed below are the types of items
we can produce from your original model. All items casted are "Made in America".

NOVELTY GIFTS: Jewelry Boxes, Figurines, Paperweights, Letter Openers, Wine Stoppers, Figurines, Picture Frames, Bottle Openers, Divot Tools, Key Chains, Coasters, Ashtrays, Bookmarks

CUSTOM HARDWARE: Handbag/Shoe/Clothing/Swimsuit Hardware, Handles, Hooks, Panel Covers, Accent Tiles, Door-Stops, Address Numbers, Hood Ornaments, Bag Tags, Draw Pulls, Knobs

RECOGNITION & CORPORATE:Medals, Plaques, Trophies, Badges, Logo-Tags, Paperweights, Business Card Holders, Desk Ornaments
... (more)


Once you have committed to an order, we will produce a sample to be approved before we proceed with final production.


We cast your item from an original model. If you have an idea for a specific piece and need a model made, we can suggest a model maker who can work with you. Once the model is made, we can do the cast production, resulting in a finished product.


Minimum order is 300-500 pcs. per item. Our factory capacity is up to 500,000 units per month Feel free to email us for a quote on your project.