Custom laser cutting, laser engraving, and laser marking.

A wide variety of materials can be custom laser engraved. The most popular are wood, glass, leather, acrylic, rubber, painted metals and many more. Laser engraving is a very popular method for customizing personal, corporate and specialty gifts!

Laser marking is a perfect way to permanently mark serial numbers, barcodes and other identification markings onto metal.

Custom laser cutting can mean consistent parts and projects, every time! The most popular materials for laser cutting are wood and acrylic. Other materials that can be cut include fabric, matte board, paper, mylar, leather, and many more.

Lead times will vary depending on order volume,... (more)


We can help refine a product idea to make it more manufacturable using laser cutting and laser engraving processes.


With a given design we can convert and digitize it to a suitable format for laser cutting/engraving.


We can help source appropriate materials for laser cutting and engraving.


We are able to create small sample quantities for evaluation purposes.


Artwork layout is something that we can assist with to make sure that your products are produced as efficiently as possible.


We are able to mass produce laser cut and laser engraved products and components of products.