Specializing in all aspects of jewelry assembly. Hand assembly, wire wrapping, stringing, cord work, metal work, soldering, casting.

How the Process Works
You provide us with the materials for your piece along with a sample or image. We will create the piece following your specific instruction. You in turn will receive a technically correct, beautiful, finished piece.

Dedicated to Quality Work
If you are a small and upcoming jewelry designer who wants to keep your work in the United States, please give us a call or e-mail us your wishes. We are dedicated to small businesses in providing you quality, handmade work. Getting the work done in a timely matter that gives you the breathing room to design more, expand your... (more)


We can advise what would work with making a wax model of a prototype or when assembling the samples, we'll help with techniques that would make the piece better in production.


We will help with prototypes based on a designers sketches or finished samples.


We offer sample making for free when the designer provides the samples, materials to make the sample, additional direction, instructions, pictures or videos. This way, we can show our work and determine and accurate price per piece.


Yes, we can assemble and produce large quantities.