Coverted, Packaged & Delivered.

The MINPACK plant began operations in 1968 as a manufacturing plant supporting the 3M Microfilm Products Division. MINPACK, Inc. was formed in December 2005 and continues to manufacture microfilm aperture cards for the global market, while broadening its technology base in manufacturing, converting, assembly, packaging and printing solutions. This evolution has helped us gain superior knowledge of process and performance systems.

TodayÕs business model combines previous success, with a strong corporate structure, poised for growth. We offer companies a complete solution to outsource their packaging, assembly, manufacturing and printing needs. This allows for reduced costs and associated... (more)


"Production run" means making a lot of one product at once. The factories listed under "production" can produce small and/or large quantities. The minimum order for a production run can vary from factory to factory (some have no minimum, some require a dozen, and some require up to 1,000 to be made at once)