Full-service Product Development Studio with a unique approach

MODHOUSE is a full-service Product Development Studio providing creative direction, collaboration and execution from initial Concept to Production.

We believe your brand deserves to be created with care and are passionate about the details of crafting unique, innovative products that embody your brand vision.

We understand how overwhelming and daunting it can be to start a brand. We’ve been in your shoes and have acquired a depth of knowledge to avoid common pitfalls and set your business up for success. We provide transparency during the process so you develop industry expertise and the tools required to grow your... (more)


IDEATION During this phase we work with you to understand your brand vision. This includes a creating a clear DNA of the Brand, Design Ethos, Consumer Profile and Competitive Landscape to ensure your brand is successfully positioned. LINE PLANNING During this phase we perform detailed Market/Trend Research, Competitive Analysis and Consumer Research to determine your seasonal line plan. We create and manage a detailed calendar and work and finalize all finance targets. DESIGN During this phase we brief the Design team on the specific styles and silhouettes. We work to collaborate through iterations of black/white drawings, colored line art and prints. DEVELOPMENT During this phase we translate the approved designs into detailed Tech Packs and collaborate on Trims and Branding. These details will be used to communicate our finished goods to the factory.


During this phase we work to crate and refine your product patterns.


During this phase we work to determine your material and trims palette. We partner with our sources to provide you various options that within your budget.


During this phase we work with our preferred factory partners to obtain prototypes of each product. We will review the fit of these prototypes in organized fit sessions as well as discuss available materials and trims. Adjustments to Design, Fit, Material and Trims will occur to ensure each style is to spec and within the target costs.


During this phase we work out all the details to be production ready. This includes units, costing and lead times, along with the purchasing of material/trims, labels and hangtags.


During this phase we work to create pre-production samples for final review. Upon approval, we manage the production process through delivery including packaging and shipping.