Bringing your ideas to life

Monilyn is a full service product development design collective specializing in tech packs, pattern and sample making dedicated to help companies, both new and established, through the design development process. At Monilyn we are passionate about the apparel industry. With a drive to help our clients achieve their goals through collaboration; making thought reality.

We believe in craftmanship and detail. Working with clients from a variety of backgrounds. Offering assistance in technical design (flat sketches, CADS, tech packs) pattern making, concept development, and sample construction.

The only question left to ask is, "How may we help you?"


From your mind to the page to production. We help you make your vision reality. Refining your concept and helping you navigate the many steps to production.


Just as blueprints are vital for a home. You're patterns define your garment. We will make impeccable patterns to ensure that production goes smoothly and your concepts take physical shape.


We have an expert tailor who will ensure the perfect sample for any of your needs.


We will create your tech packs so that there are no misunderstandings and all styles are clearly communicated with the factory when going to production. We will help you to get markers made to ensure the best fabric consumption possible. We also will connect you with our network of factories helping to get you the best match for your line and budget.