Fabric experts since 1946.

Monterey Mills is an industry leader in the sliver knit fabric industry, producing hi-pile fabric for apparel, blanket, toy, commercial and industrial customers.

Apparel applications include jacket, coat, glove and mitten liners, luxury faux-fur coats and more. Monterey also produces Fiberfil stuffing for stuffed animals and pet toys. Monterey's fabric also makes its way into case liners, paint rollers, buffing pads, air & water filters, medical pads and pet beds.

In addition to a sizable in-stock line of fabrics, Monterey's service oriented production team works with customers to design fabrics customized to meet their needs.

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Monterey Mills has a well established value-added line of services we provide to our customers. With over 65 years of experience in textiles, we have a network of companies we regularly work with to help build prototypes and manage production for you. Services include cutting, trimming, sewing and embroidery; die-cutting and converting; laminating backings; fulfillment, product assembly, packaging, kitting, warehousing, distribution, drop and blind shipping.


Customers can send us any sample, photo, drawing or image and our development staff can convert it to a jaquard knit design with up to four colors.


We work with customers create sample fabrics for customers who are developing new fabrics prior to entering the production stage. For Value-Added projects, we will always provide samples of finished good before going into production.


We work closely with several local partners who can tool for die-cutting projects.


Monterey Mills is the largest sliver knitter in North America and have a huge capacity. Lead time for fabric generally varies from 2-4 weeks depending on stocked fiber and yarn availability, with an additional 2-4 weeks for Value-Added projects.