Moser Leather Company is a Leather Tanner, Finisher, Distributor, and Manufacturer. Finished Goods Include: Belts, Saddlery, Cut Parts, Leather Laces, Craft Parts, Leather Tools, Machinery, Sewing, Brokering of Equipment

We are manufactures of leather, leather goods and accessories, and saddles.

Our brands consist of the following:
Bonny Oaks Saddle Co - Hand Carved Saddles, Big W Western Saddlery - Spot and Combination Tooled Saddles, Paul Lamb Classic Saddle Brand - Barrel Saddles
Customade Crafters - Economy Saddles, Monterey Makers Brand - Economy Saddles, Southern Saddlery Brand - Western Pleasure Saddles, Trail Blazer Saddles - Limited Edition Series,
Latta Mfg. - Strap Goods, Saddle Accessories, and Saddle Pads, Anchor Brand - Bits, Spurs, and Hardware

Our mission is to supply saddlery and leather to horseman and crafters.


These factories will mass produce your designs.