no job too small...

We are a product research and development group that designs products and materials using nanotechnology. We have experience in formulating custom materials with unique properties, such as composites, resins, etc. We also use our nanomaterials to create sensors and small electronics. Our coatings group offers a world leading optically black coating for aerospace use.


We have imagination, and are supported by Solidworks for part design, Comsol for physical modeling, and other packages for board layout, etc. We work with a client to understand what specifications need to be met, develop an approach that will meet their needs, and then begin product development.


Formulation and prototyping is part of the product development process here. We have equipment that lets us create and test materials, from thermoplastics to blended epoxies, to clean room- based fabrication.


We sell some of our nanomaterials, either as is, or specially functionalized for your use. We also work with our network of toll manufacturers when it is time to hand off the job for production.


Under contract, we will send iterations of prototypes as needed.


We design and get tooling manufactured, as we develop the entire production process for your product.


only if its really small. Usually we outsource to a partner when the orders get large.