our name is your label

Nastex is a contractor for apparel products serving all brands and labels. Our service is production for all apparel markets.With years of experience we can guarantee the highest standards in production and quality control.


We have access to over 5 different manufacturers in our region alone, all of which have the capabilities to create and cut patterns.


Materials are provided through us or through one of our contacts in the Lehigh Valley.


We create samples of any quantity. Spec sheets are required in order to complete samples. We also work with clients to "freehand" samples before cutting a sample lot.


We have plenty of tooling and parts in house, and with our contacts in the industry, we are capable of getting virtually any part or tool necessary to produce apparel. We take care of all of production from start to finish.


We produce orders big and small. Whether you have a 12 dozen order or a 12,000 dozen order we are capable of producing these quantities while maintaining a competitive turn around time.