We make amazing things happen

NEO Tech is the new name for the set of three leaders among mid-tier EMS companies. NEO is an acronym of NATEL, EPIC, and OnCore. With over 40 years of heritage in electronics manufacturing, NEO Tech focuses on low-medium volume/high mix-complexity products primarily in the medical, defense/aerospace, industrial and energy markets.

NEO Tech is favorably positioned among mid-tier EMS manufacturers to “make amazing things happen.” NEO Tech offers full product lifecycle engineering services, manufacturing and testing of microelectronics, cable & harness interconnect products, PCBA and full box build assemblies and aftermarket repair and fulfillment services. The companies that form... (more)


We help to ensure it is manufacturable and will perform in extreme environments.


We also sell ceramic boards.


Yes we can help with tooling. This is normally factored in as a 1-time charge.


Yes, that is our core business.