The brains behind your apparel production

We are a development house with production capabilities. We have pattern makers, material sourcers, cutters, sewers, and finishers on our premises. We have dye/wash houses, screenprinters, embroiders, and all other send out services at our fingertips. Let us manage your entire production starting from scratch.


We have pattern makers ready to go with high skill levels and competitive rates!


We source materials, meaning we search the marketplace and find options available for the desired request. We can send photos as we hunt, or we can pick and show you in your finished garment. Designer's choice.


We use your pattern to cut and sew your first proto, and we can then give you a price for duplicates or salesman samples.


We can help achieve anything possible! We have access to all sorts of machines all over town to accomplish anything the fashion design demands.


We can produce any quantities, but we prefer 100-1000 unit orders. Much bigger than that is usually better for China, and much smaller than that gets to be too expensive to make business-sense.