A Modern All-American Garment Factory

Newport Cut and Sew is a fully licensed modern boutique fashion design house and professional production facility serving clients with our own development studio and specialized Industrial-grade sewing machines. We can manufacture your own collections, styles, clothes, bags, and many other sewn products here in our compliant Costa Mesa, CA factory. We are able to handle, with our unique resource capabilities, everything from creative conception to the actual production of your company's custom garments/apparel/accessories/etc.

Here, the entire process of technical design, pattern making, grading, marker creation, sampling, and CMT happens all under ONE roof. Newport Cut and Sew typically services clients... (more)


Our Fashion Design Services revolve around a finely-tuned creative process which, after critical and objective analyses, initially develops and then ensures relevant products to market meeting consumer tastes and desires – all the while upholding and remaining true to your brand’s strategic positioning and identity. Our mission throughout this meticulous process is to essentially become a new branch and creative force of your current design team, and collectively guide you to make informed, best decisions.


Patterns/Grading/Fit Testing: At NCSS, we offer clients incredible value all under our one roof. Our one-stop-shop pre production service drafts your first, and final patterns after your review and approval. Our fashion professionals then develop proper size grading to meet your standards, making your next step -- sewn sampling and fit testing -- a simple effort with a now ready-for-production market good.


We do not necessarily sell required project materials, however we do offer "Personal Sourcing" service in general and also as a Development Package Add-on. NCSS charges fees for sourcing materials, and we can find any you may be looking to use for a specific item or project. We normally operate by sourcing your desired material contents, and then hand our clients over the materials vendors, where we recommend the client deal with and direct-purchase from any appropriate vendor all materials needed.


Sampling: Pre production at any level would not be complete without final sewn-out samples of your items. We work with brands and companies as a fashion design house and cut & sew supplier with a single most important goal of giving you premium professional service to ease and speed your products’ path to market. Samples you may need for show-rooming, costing, and sales presentations are provided through this process. NCSS is in association and works with other leading US apparel production houses, and is always available to work with its clients to secure a dependable factory for larger full-scale production specific to their business needs.


Product Cost Engineering: In this service phase, our team evaluates production costs. Our team focuses on cost engineering per unit for your individual item(s) taking into consideration your fabrics and trims and labor costs. This step is critical to understanding and planning actual production and manufacturing costs. Subsequently, this evaluation of cost will give you the knowledge essential for your company’s wholesale and retail pricing accuracies. And NCSS offers FULL PACKAGE Development.


Newport Cut and Sew is a boutique production house specializing in 1st Quality apparel production and manufacturing from 50-2000 units per style. Your item's details are our passion. Located in Costa Mesa, CA, USA, all production takes place at our fully-functional facilities. At NCSS, we have created a new model for apparel and sewn product production in the United States, and are leaders in building a new supply chain ecosystem. We are true American architects that produce profitable market goods for our clients. Because of our boutique scale, we possess the refined resources and capabilities to help companies and brands launch new products and meet strategic production schedules. NCSS is fully licensed by the DIR and is recognized by the State as a registered garment and sewn products contractor/manufacturer.