Responsible furniture and childrens product manufacturer

We provide expertise in furniture and wood product manufacturing. We are known for exceptional craftsmanship and aim to exceed client expectations utilizing both traditional and digital fabrication techniques. Our own line of sustainable furniture and kids products is produced entirely in-house and we can advise and guide you through all stages of product development and production.


We will evaluate the engineering and production feasibility of a concept or idea, and help guide it through all stages of production. But what sets us apart is our deep understanding of design and form, design intent, and the creative process. We will offer creative solutions to manufacturing that honor the artistic vision at the core of the project.


We have extensive experience in digital representation and communication - 3d modeling, production drawings, rendering, CAM and toolpath generation.


We will locate and acquire the specific hardwoods necessary for production. We work with our network of suppliers to get exactly the materials needed and can make suggestions as to appropriate types of wood while striving to utilize the best local materials available in the Upper Midwest.


Sample and prototypes are made to spec. whether for in-house product evaluation or CPSC or other compliance testing. We will provide guidance and prepare samples to pass mechanical and chemical testing as required in certain markets, especially for products for use by children.


We will build fixtures and acquire custom CNC tooling for products that require specific detailing.


We develop a specific workflow that makes sense for the type of product we are making. Whether a small quantity of a high-end complex product, or a large batch of another - we will develop the most efficient and cost-effective methods that can guarantee consistent quality and lead-times. We will also work with local industry partners for either production support or additional material capabilities to meet the demand.