Helping You Move Your Design Concepts to Production

Nuhill Technologies works with design engineers and inventors to successfully launch their products. Expertise in molded plastics components with a wide range of cast urethane materials available. Custom match to your color needs, textures or molded over requirements. We are proud of our craftsmanship with outstanding quality from simple to complex parts.
Prototype parts molded by Nuhill are often indistinguishable from injection-molded parts.
Molded prototype part may be used to evaluate the part and assembly designs for the final part; molded polyurethane & silicone parts can be used in design reviews and clinical testing.

Nuhill services: Rapid prototyping services, Additive Manufacturing,... (more)


casted urethane or silicone parts let you test the validity of your design.


Prototypes that look like, act like and perform like the real part.


Not production tooling but for small run and prototypes. We are a bridge to manufacturing.