Numaco is a producer of custom packaging.

Numaco is one of the world's largest producers of custom packaging. We don't force you into off-the-shelf solutions or one-size-fits-all excuses. We manufacture custom package solutions to your exact specifications... the exact coverings... the exact colors... the exact textures... the exact logos. When you order from Numaco, you can expect a package that is an exact representation of your brand's image. All the way down to the smallest detail, your product's look will represent your brand's true essence.

Numaco provides package solutions to a wide range of industries but, no matter which industry, each box is manufactured to the same high... (more)


This stage involves gathering all the necessary materials needed to make your product. Some factories provide materials and assembly; sometimes you will need to buy materials separately.


"Production run" means making a lot of one product at once. The factories listed under "production" can produce small and/or large quantities. The minimum order for a production run can vary from factory to factory (some have no minimum, some require a dozen, and some require up to 1,000 to be made at once)