Full Fashion Knit Garments & Accessories - Made In USA

New York Knitting is a full service sourcing and consulting company specializing in high quality knitwear that is Made-in-USA certified for the designer market. We work closely with two factories in New York City as well as factories in Los Angeles. We do also have relationships with factories overseas that can be tapped if desired.

These factories are equipped with the latest computerized knitting machines by Stoll and Shima Seiki, offering a range from 3 - 16 gauge, along with the requisite programming, linking, washing, drying, and steam equipment. We offer a full range of services to help bring... (more)


From beginning to end, New York Knitting will assist with tech pack creation, product engineering, and transforming rough ideas into tangible products. Our team is equipped with a wide range of experience and expertise that can help through this (or any other) stage of development. Any and all experience levels are welcome to inquire: we can guide you though the production and sampling process. To begin simply send us a message here on Maker's Row with as many details/goals as possible.


New York Knitting will work with you in initially creating any specs, tech packs or patterns. After client approves, the the tech pack (information for product) is then passed along to a programmer who will engineer a CAD-like model of your style that the knitting machine is able to read in order to produce a sample. Complex and simple patterns alike are workable, though we generally recommend that complexity of design and quantity of colors behave inversely. The beauty of knitting, particularly for apparel, is that we do not need to create the type of patterns that would be needed for cut and sew production (though we can do this as well).


We have a limited in house collection on yarns available to produce swatches and samples. However New York Knitting can aid in the sourcing of yarn, contact yarn distributors on your behalf or use materials you provide. If there is excess yarn, we can hold onto it for future productions. We can also assist in ideation related to materials, and recommend materials to fit specific financial and/or performance goals.


From your tech pack we follow a standard sampling process: 1. Swatches: for you to inspect to find the tension, pattern, thickness, and overall feel for your design. 2. Pre-production Prototype: a rough draft of your design, this is a complete garment and you can make any changes to it at this point. 3. Final Prototype: a revised and completely finished garment; this should be perfect, but small revisions before production can still be made. Within the sampling fee, New York Knitting will provide an unlimited number of samples to correct fit, specs and other minor details. Significant style changes during the sampling process will be handled on a case by case basis. We find that by offering swatches to start, we save both your time and your money in refining the quality of the material before moving into the specifics of your item. Sampling fees start at $750 per style, but are flexible depending on scale of the order and nature of the product.


New York Knitting welcomes orders of any size, and while we are equipped to handle small orders from new and emerging brands, we have the capacity for large scale bulk production as well.