"If we can't make it we'll find someone who can!"

We produce models, prototypes, functional parts and assemblies for inventors, manufacturers and the consumer.

We can employ CNC technologies, 3D Printing, injection molding, composites, wood and most metalworking practices in house. What we can't complete at our facility we will subcontract to competent vendors while maintaining strong QA/QC practices.

We have produced parts for Fortune 500 companies, Museums, Non-Profits and the Student.

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Joshua D. Johnson


Pen and Paper rough drawings Personal communication regarding customer requirements CAD services including animation if required Rapid physical iteration Assistance with patent, instructional and marketing art.


We have a library of common materials and relationships with many suppliers. We can discern special requirements, specify custom cutting or processing to fit customer needs. We can often custom process base material in house. This includes saw/resaw of timbers, material casting, texturing and lamination.


Jig and Fixture making, dies, patterns and templates