Manufacturing, Wholesale, Private Label, & Screen Printing

We specialize in manufacturing Rashguards, Sun Shirts and Wetsuits for our clients to use or sell under their own brand name. 30 years in the industry located in West Palm Beach, Florida. We wear and trust our products in our everyday lives and support independent brands and retail shops grab market share with customized gear.


We do not specialize in selling materials. But we do have a large assortment of Neoprene's in our facility that we are willing to sell. They come in 10 x 10 sheets.


We do create samples. Our samples are within our existing patterns. We do not create samples that are not our in-house patterns. You can purchase any one of our Stock samples at retail price with our without your logo. If you want colors, panels, and sizes outside of our stock catalog, we can provide you samples prior to a production run.


Yes, we specialize in mass production. Cut, sew, glue, and screen print is done all in house.