Handmade Paper and Hand Dyed Silk Manufacturer

Since 1995 Of The Earth has been a leader in the creation of unique high quality hand made papers with their main focus on the wedding industry with the last ten years expanding into volume production for the print and advertising market. Since 2010 they have been dyeing silk ribbon by hand for the bridal and garment industry.


We share examples of past works which we merge with new and fresh ideas.


We work with our master sheet sizes to determine best use of stock for the application. Our silks are highly customizable as well


We produce a variety of papers with qualities that can be tailored to the customers specs. Our silks can be custom dyed.


Our existing line has hundreds of styles that are mailed to prospective customers on a daily basis. Custom sample creation is a regular occurrence.


We are highly customizable.


Our past volume customers include Wal-Mart and Time inc. We have a flexible staffing solution to meet most any need.