High Quality Jewelry Manufacturing from Concept to Production

Please do not send us quote request with brief details asking how much, we need these details below to quote your design.

1. Have a sketch / image reference ready
Detailed Dimensions - Make sure to point out all the critical dimensions, components, stones, etc. (Purchase Calipers to help you with these measurements)

2. Material - What material is your design made from?

3. Components - We do not source your chains, findings, or stones. Please research so you know your components exist.

4. Finish - Do you want a high polish, brush, matte, or something custom.

5. Quantity needed? (... (more)


We will help our clients refine their ideas so the design is manufacture ready. However we do require a well thought out design. You must have detailed sketches and reference images before we can bid. Read above to see what we need to quote.


We do make a production samples for our clients to make sure the final design is as it should be. Once approved we move to production.


We produce molds and cast ready CAD files for your designs.


Once the design is ready to manufacture we will be able to produce quantities both small and large. We have a easy online ordering system, that allows you to restock your items without a call or a email.