3D Virtual Prototyping + 2D CAD/CAM Pattern & Fashion Design Software

Optitex is the world’s leading provider of an integrated 2D/3D software platform that enables customers to quickly create true-to-life 3D digital garments that inspire. Our solutions are available for SMB and Large manufacturers and companies.
Brands, retailers and manufacturers can now view their collections in all styles and colors months earlier, and leverage digital garments to collaborate, market and sell better than ever before.
Since its founding in 1988, Optitex has worked to keep thousands of companies and tens of thousands of users at the forefront of technology, enabling them to greatly reduce their time to market and costs,... (more)

Equipment & Machinery:


Optitex is dedicated to the creation and expansion of linked prosperity that includes the company, its human resources, shareholders, distribution channels, business partners and its customers. Our mission consists of three interrelated parts: Products To develop, produce, distribute and sell the most sophisticated and standardized CAD/CAM software solutions with optimum price/performance ratio for manufacturers in the sewn products and related industries.


Optitex Pattern Design Software, PDS, offers intuitive and powerful software tools designed to work with patterns at every step of your production cycle. You can draft pieces from scratch with our drafting and editing tools, digitize existing hard-copy patterns with the most advanced digitizing tools available, or even edit and finalize your existing digital patterns, all within the same easy-to-learn interface. Best of all, the PDS interface is intuitive, easy-to-learn, and fully customizable.


Virtual Sample Creation - The Optitex 3D Suite is a collection of applications that can create photorealistic 3D garments, fit them on an incredibly customizable avatar, and even animate them for dynamic, eye-catching presentations. You can bring your flat patterns, turn them into 3D samples and reduce the number of times you have to create physical samples. This drastically cuts the time you have to spend on each sample, the cost associated, as well as the hassle of scheduling and organizing numerous fit sessions.


Optitex Production Suite: Profit in production comes from knowing and controlling your costs accurately down to the smallest detail throughout the production workflow - from initial estimate to order fulfillment. That’s why thousands of vendors work with Optitex Production Suite: to make more money on each order and to get more value from their investments in materials, equipment and people. Optitex Production Suite lets you: Dramatically reduce material costs with highly efficient automatic nesting Use the fewest number of tables to create cut orders with different styles, sizes, colors and fabrics Accurately calculate the cost to fulfill a customer order Nest striped, plaid, railroad and flow-matched fabrics