Leather Contracting, Private Label, Leather Supplier

Full Package Leather Contracting
Design & Concept Creation,
Sample making, Pattern making, Duplicate & Production.
Cut and Sew, Trim, Fusing...
For manufacturers, designers and artists, upholsterers or students!
Specialized in Leather Garments, Accessories and more.
All Production Made in Los Angeles.

Private Label Leather Clothing Manufacturer.
Private label branded leather apparel (Private brands)
Leather Garments and Accessories.
Jackets, handbags, purses, pants, tops, bracelets, belts and much more
Made in Los Angeles, USA
Highest quality, Quick turnaround.

Wholesale Leather Hides Supplier and Distributor,
We serve designers, manufacturers, upholsterers, arts & crafts.
Hundreds of hides options in various finishes (lambskin, cowhide, suede, pigskin, calf, hair on, shearling, veg tanned, tooling, exotic, etc!
Leather tools,... (more)


We offer Design consulting, Design Development, Concept and Creation for start up, beginner or student.


We can help create a pattern from scratch. Services included are: Pattern making, Marking, Grading. Hard pattern (pattern belongs strictly to the customer and is his to keep)


We provide leather hides and skins in hundreds of colors and finishes. Hundreds of hides options (lambskin, cowhide, suede, pigskin, calf hair on, shearling, veg tanned, tooling, exotic, leather tools and supplies) Various feel & finishes (embossed, laser cut, metallic, veg tanned, chrome tanned, aniline, semi aniline, skived, nubuck, suede, nappa, grainy, oily...) Any size project From mass manufacturing garment production to the designer's sample for a new fashion collection to the craft artist. For large quantity orders or to discuss options: call or visit our Downtown Los Angeles Fashion district showroom. We ship domestic and international


We create samples from the client's pattern or we will make the pattern ourselves (Full Package). We make the perfect professional sample that the client can then confidently present at a trade show (Magic, Cottery, etc), a Fashion showroom (for ex: New Mart, Cooper building in downtown Los Angeles Fashion building), a high end fashion retailer or boutique (Barney's New York, Webster, Church..).


We help and offer Tooling, Skiving, Die molds, Leather Fusing, Leather Hemming, Leather Cutting, Leather Stitching, Leather Sewing,


We offer production made in Los Angeles for designers, fashion labels, fashion brands. We specialize in: - Leather garments (jacket, pants, skirt, top) - Fashion accessories (handbag, bag, wallet, belt, leash and much more).