Paket Corporation's contracted packaging solutions can solve your most challenging packaging issues.

Precision in outsourced product packaging is synonymous with the Paket Corporation. Since our inception in 1957, we have taken significant pride in extending reliable packaging solutions to a cross-sector of industries including personal care, topical therapeutics, home care, pet care, and chemical novelties. Establishing long term business relationships with our customers empowers us to take the companies we serve to the next level of growth.

Paket Corporation is centrally located on the southeast side of Chicago just off Lake Michigan. The facility is 110,000 square feet with 25 different filling stations, bulk formula compounding, laboratory, shops, product finishing and warehouse... (more)


We formulate personal care and home-care products to meet client requirements. We also provide expert consultation into packaging materials, techniques and regulations. Design and review of final product.


We provide all materials: chemical ingredients, packaging materials, flexible film, plastic and aluminum tubes, shelf display cartons, reshipper cartons.


Absolutely. Prototype samples can be supplied for design review before purchase.


Yes, we are primary manufacturers based in Chicago. We manufacture on the industrial scale, not just small orders.