We bring inventors', innovators' and designers' ideas to life!

PartWorks works with inventors, small businesses and Innovation Centers of larger companies to bring your ideas to life. We start by helping you design or finish your design for manufacturability, then help you build your samples/prototypes, whether 3d printer or using more traditional methods, and help you manufacture your products as you go to market and continue to grow.

We combine 3D modeling and 3D printing capabilities with our capabilities in Metal Fabrication, CNC Machining, Casting, 3D Printing and Plastic Injection Molding. We specialize in low volume, quick turn, highly engineered parts of plastic, metal and wood.

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We help refine our clients' product ideas in many ways: we have started with an idea and some concept drawings all the way through prototypes by 3d modeling and creating 3d printed samples; we have suggested changes to more mature designs for manufacturability, for example adding angles to product sides so they can be injection molded; we can also reverse engineer a similar product (without violating IP, where applicable) as the basis for a new design; and finally we have switched some product materials, for example a boat aftermarket product we redesigned from plastic to metal to reduce cost, improve look and durability.


We can source any metal, plastic, wood or paper parts in a product. Our parent company is a US based metal stamping and finishing company. We also have a partner specializing in plastic, and for example, have done a custom plastic project for a Fortune 100 company. We have sources in the US Mexico and Asia and can cost effectively source anything in those materials. We don't do electronics at this time.


We create samples or prototypes for almost all our projects, whether 3d printed on our own printers, or with a partner. We've made everything from fishing lures, to industrial totes, rolling handbags, aftermarket boat products to toothbrushes, e-cigarettes, etc.,etc.


We can 3d print prototypes or tooling, and create prototypes in metal plastic, wood or paper. We typically source tooling in Asia because it is more cost effective. We try to use more cost effective tooling like aluminum for low volume orders or samples.


We have the capability to produce most parts in large quantities, up to millions.