Architecture of fashion is our expertise. We deliver top-notch product development from concept to in-store.

Paul Francis Design, LLC
Paul Francis Designs A full-service apparel product development and manufacturing firm specializing in technical design, pattern engineering and in-house sample production for the contemporary luxury women's ready-to-wear, designer swim and active sports-wear fashion brands. Our state-of-the-art product development and manufacturing firm takes apparel clients from concept to in-store branded product collections.

Services: Garment design, pattern engineering, prototypes, product branding (logo, hangtag, main label, packaging), production.

Top-notch product development and sewing teams.

We offer superior pattern engineering, manual and computer automated capabilities, top-notch sourcing, and global manufacturing. Able to quickly understand client vision, then prioritize all aspects of... (more)


Ability to rapidly embrace and interpret client vision and prioritize phases of brand creation, ensuring the highest potential for growth and prosperity, while adhering to client-approved budgets


Expert in automating apparel efforts: computer patternmaking, marker-making & digitizing from design to production patterns; extensively trained on: Lectra/Optitex/Gerber PDS. Capably create initial flat patterns from design/fashion sketches, flat/ technical sketches, or from a drape with 90% accuracy; equally develop flat patterns — manually on hard paper or CAD system. Generate/ apply a vital three-dimensional understanding of garments for enhanced fit/style balance: highly proficient in draping: re- drape/evaluate correct pattern balance/fit for ultimate retail customer satisfaction/consumer fit; communicate pattern corrections via competent technical sketches/drawings.


Yes! We have access to mills specializing in highest quality swim, active-sportswear and luxury ready to wear fabrics: silks, woolens, leather, cottons, linens


Yes! We have an in-house expert sewing team. Operators are assigned as product and account specialist. Sewers are experts in luxury women's ready to wear, lux women's swim apparel, contemporary active sportswear and yoga brands.


Yes! We handle small production runs in house and partner with factories in the Philadelphia, PA. and Los Angeles, CA. areas for larger production runs. Our focus is American Made product. 100% of our product development and manufacturing is made in USA.