Handmade Parchment and Leather with a 500 Year History

Cream Goat

Goatskins are tough and sturdy, and have a very pronounced grain pattern that can be surprisingly subtle in its gradation, character, and color. This often makes goatskins the preferred choice for furniture and interior applications. Goatskins average sev

Cream goat color varies from milky white to yellow. Goat hides usually yield 15" across the spine by 18" down for 5-6 sf. skins, 17"x20" for 6-7 sf. skins, 20"x24" for 7-8 sf. skins, 24"x28" for 8-9 sf. skins, 26"x32" for 9-10 sf. skins, and 28"x34" for 10-11 sf. skins.