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Personalized Product Development and Sourcing

Save Valuable Time and Money

Working with industry specialist that will advise you in making a world-class product

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$159/hr (20% discount)

    As our in house expert, Liz works with brands on a daily basis to source the right factory.
    Her results driven approach has helped even the most beginner of brands get to their goal.

  • How Does It Work?

    • 1


      Plan basic information on
      your project

    • 2


      Our industry specialist will
      connect you with the best factory

    • 3


      Receive expert guidance as you
      create a world class product

  • "Being at the beginning stages of our product development, we find ourselves with many questions and many problems to solve. Some of those are mysteries and some of them puzzles — during our first conversation with Liz, she pointed out that the process for getting our product manufactured is a formulaic or puzzle like problem to solve, and we simply needed to learn about that formula. She was so right. And I’m so glad that we continued to work with her — she helped get us moving step by step to get our product built and ready to be manufactured." Adam Lemmon Badass Backpacks

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