There is a Difference

Founded in 1970, we are a turn-key designers and manufacturers of custom retail displays, store interiors, showrooms, fixtures and other solutions to help brands succeed in any retail environment.

We're also a full service exhibit house, that designs, build and manages event and trade show programs to facilitate memorable interactions between our clients and their target audiences.

Further, we also design, build, and install custom interiors for office lobbies, executive briefing centers, colleges/universities. These solutions range from historical archives and timelines to logo signage and much more.


Our in-house team of experienced industrial and graphic designers help bring ideas to life. We have extensive experience in transitioning drawings into physical structures. We manufacture with metal, wood, and plastic, and know how to build things RIGHT.


With our extensive experience and skilled employees, we suggest suitable materials for every project. We're a third generation, family-owned and operated custom manufacturer. We have everything you need to bring your project to life


Yes, we create samples. But first, we start with detailed renderings to create a visual model of what will be built. We provide material/color samples and options to make sure the look is exactly what our clients want. Then, if it's a custom one-off, we start building. If the project is instead a production quantity/roll out, we start with a prototype. We build the physical prototype to serve as our "bible" for production, and it also allows us to confirm engineering details, structural integrity, and other checks before proceeding.


We design, engineer, and build any required tooling. Depending on the project, we may also suggest design revisions that could avoid the need for tooling.


Among other things, we have several CNC machining centers, a metal and welding shop, plastics fabrication shop, and more. Each project that runs through our factory is unique--both in design and quantity. Sometimes we're tasked with building one of something. We have skilled craftsmen in house to facilitate this. Other times, we're tasked with producing 100, 1000, 10,000 units, etc. We're nimble, flexible, and very good at what we do