Fibers and polymers for a wide variety of goods

The company's products include fully drawn yarns, flame-retardant fibers, partially oriented yarns, solution-dyed and low melt nylon fibers, recycled micro denier and fully drawn yarns, antimicrobial fibers, and other specialty nylons and polyesters. Its products are used in various applications, including flags and banners, compression fabrics, floatation devices, tents, parachutes, cargo bags, team and intimate apparel, upholstery, swimwear, elastic bands, specialty hosiery and apparel, fleece, stretch and lace fabrics, narrow and contract fabrics, leg wear, home furnishings, automotive upholstery, outdoor fabrics, mail bags, covers, chenille fabrics, knitting, cross-dyeing, heather yarns, tone on tone, and clean room applications. The company was... (more)


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