Maker’s Row Projects

Software for product creation

“I finally found a company in Portland, Oregon with help from Maker’s Row that specialized in making the type of bag that I was looking to produce”

-Jeff Sheldon, Ugmonk

Plan it
through projects
Send it
to manufacturers
Get bids
from factories
Get it
produced locally


Whether you’re a big brand or a first time maker, Projects move your ideas from the basic sketch to your first order, seamlessly.


We’ve created a simple way to tell factories exactly what you need. Our cloud-based tools are the new industry standard for product creation.

Save Time

Projects connect you with over 10,000 American factories, instantly. Take the guesswork out of the search and let the factories competitively bid on your Project. With all of your files in one place, our cloud-based solution allows you to keep your factories informed and updated.

2 million
products created

Welcome To the New Industry Standard