Orlando Full Service, Design, Pattern, Cut and Sew, Sourcing, Branding, Runway

Gina V (aka Psycho Seamstress) is the Founder of Orlando Fashion District, dedicated to supporting ethical and sustainable Made In Orlando Design and Production. Gina can help you define your designs with everything from concept to creation, including development, Fabric Sourcing, Patterns, Prototypes, Branding, Social Media and Influencer Marketing Campaigns, Web Development, Crowdfunding your Production Runs, Negotiatng a Retail Contract, Getting into Runway Shows And Fashion Week Events around the World and more. Gina has connections in the Fashion World on every level and can become an indispensable resource to anyone new to fashion.

Gina has over 50 celebrity clients... (more)


I can help take any project from the early stages of conception and develop it into creation.


I can provide pattern making services from concepts, drawings, photos, altering existing patterns, correcting ill fitting patterns, grading patterns and more for costumes and fashion.


I can assist in locating fabrics and notions for samples and production.


I can create patterns, prototype garments, sewn product samples and assist in getting the next level of factory samples made for production.