We are a exclusive caster and jewelry manufacturer meaning: we do not carry or produce any styles or designs of our own. Our client base leans toward the high end fine jewelry and high volume fashion jewelry designer.

A family owned and operated company with a promise for significant difference since day one, you can assure yourself that every piece made with us will be created with you in mind. Perfection and forward thinking are two words used a lot in our premises. For over 25 years we have been serving jewelry designers, and wholesalers through out the world, providing them... (more)

Equipment & Machinery:


Having served both the fine and fashion jewelry industry for over 25 years, we have developed a niche for knowing what will sell in certain markets and what won’t. So here at R&M we offer our services to make sure that your items will be as successful in the market place as those who have been doing business and have gained the assurance of customers for years.


At R&M Fine Inc, attention is paid from start to finish of the initial product sample line, and model/mold making is one of the most essential steps of this process. Everything from effective spruing and the type of silicons/rubbers which are used to create the initial mold greatly affect the final look of the piece. This is why we have various types of mold making procedures. We offer production molding with varying types of silicon, die cuts, production stamping, and CNC plastic injection molds.


With over twenty different alloys to choose from, our customers have numerous options in pink, yellow, or white gold, platinum, palladium, palladio (TM), rose silver (TM), argentium de-ox sterling silver, sterling silver, and lead free bronze.


From delicate pieces to pieces which can be designed with relative ease, we use a variety of methods to assure quality and precision in design. With more intricate and design heavy pieces, we tend to use CAD/CAM software paired with either our state of the art 3-d printing or milling machine. We also provide the cost- effective choice to produce hand carved models, the oldest and most original way of bringing an idea to life.


From platinum to gold, silver and brass/bronze we at R&M take every detail into perspective. While casting everything from high quantity pieces to delicate fine jewelry, our investment in technologically advanced furnaces and Inducto-Vac de-oxydizing solid state casting machines, reassures that your investment will be looking great for years to come. No job is too small or too big and, we take every customers needs and wants into consideration while casting.