Quality Tooling at Half the Cost!

Rapid D uses cutting edge additive manufacturing techniques to build precision dies and tooling capable of the most rigorous manufacturing requirements. Born from a desire to reduce long lead times and cost in the aerospace industry a new type of composite tooling was designed using state of the art 3D printing, 3D imaging, aerospace coatings, and lots of quality engineering.

If you are working on a tight budget or can't wait months for a standard die, give us a call. Our tooling comes in around 50% lower cost (due to less CNC time or electrode costs, even with... (more)


Rapid D is a state of the art tooling facility. Capabilities Investment Casting Tooling • Wax Dies and Patterns • Miscellaneous Investment Casting Molds • Ceramic Core Dies • Guillotine Gages, Airfoil Fixtures and Gages • Airfoil, Blade and Vane Molds Machining • Electric Discharge Machining • Special Machining • Die Cast & Plastic Molds • CNC and NC Machining • Blow Molds • Jig Grinding Parts • Completely Machined Investment Castings • Vanes, Blades and Impeller Wheels • Large and Small Turned Parts • Precision Aircraft Components