High tolerances at low prices

I started RCS in 2016 after working in the same industry for 10 years in a two-man shop.
At RCS we specialize in building high tolerance plastic injection tooling. 95% of our tools are made from high strength 7075 aluminum. Sure, everyone says that anyone can cut aluminum. Not like we can. Our injection tooling has a short lead time and is cut to CAD the first time, every time.
Other areas we service are proto-type transportation (auto, air, and powersports) machined parts. Our craziest job we have done was to build many of the components for... (more)

Equipment & Machinery:


We supply all materials needed in the job quote. You can supply materials if you would like.


You can request a first run inspection item.


We have the tooling to produce your items.


We will quote from a single item to however many you need produced.