Apparel and technical design, sampling, sourcing and manufacturing

We like clients who are looking to develop their own designs and create their own lines.

Red Wire Group will help develop your designs to make them production ready. Once the design is finalized we will produce samples and small to medium volume production runs.


We will help refine your idea for production by creating sketches, suggesting design improvements to lower costs. With our knowledge of materials and production methods your product will seamlessly move into production.


We are expert pattern makers. Using CAD software to design every aspect of your product we capture all the important details.


With the history of designing and manufacturing various product types, we have many sources for materials, manufacturing and procurement.


We specialize in creating samples for sales calls and also prototypes for testing.


We have extensive sources and capabilities to buy and build tooling for your production runs. We know the best way to assemble clothing that is put together well and lasts.


We specialize in small and large volume production runs.