If it uses thread, We can probably fix it

Remember When Sewing is the manufacturing division of Caregivers Aide LLC. We manufacture and sell our own products and do contract sewing for our clients. Remember When Sewing started in 1994. We are located 30 miles north of Reading, PA. We have had some unusual projects over the years and always satisfied customers. We welcome the challenge of new ideas and can help you get from concept to finished product.

Our reputation and diversity has brought us to say: “You name it we can do it!”

We are experienced with these materials:
Canvas, Leather, Nylon sheeting, Webbing, Neoprene
Apparel... (more)


We listen to your ideas and intended use and may suggest design modification or different materials.We can source various components that may suit your idea.


When you come to us with a project we will need a starting point. If you have patent design or just an idea in your head, that helps. In order to get to the final design, there may be some trial and error. Once the design is "finished" we make the pattern. You are buying our services, This pattern belongs to you . If we do production, we will use it ourselves, but if you decide to go elsewhere, the pattern is yours to take wherever you please.


We can source materials from our suppliers or use materials supplied by you.


We do samples as part of the pattern process. Depending on complexity there may be several "samples" produced to reach the final version. Once the final version is approved, we can make any number of samples.


We can do production in quantity of 1 to ... Quantity will determine lead time. Minimum orders may be required. Partial shipments are possible. Prices will vary on the size of the run. It takes time to set up a shop to accommodate a specific project so they more product run at one time will be more cost efficient.