Sample and Production Factory Specializing in High-End Womenswear

Royal Model Fashion Inc. is a new factory in New York City's Garment District. Founded by Joanna Hu in early 2014, Royal Model specializes in High-End Designer Sampling and Production.

Having worked in numerous local factories throughout the years, Joanna had become dissatisfied with the quality standards that many factories had been using to construct sample and production garments.

She decided to open Royal Model in order to continue the art of well executed and beautifully finished garments for designers both young and established. Joanna has worked for Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen and Karolina Zmarlak, among many others in her... (more)


Companies and Designers may bring in their patterns, flat sketches, fabrics and trim to us for any of their sample styles. We can provide cutting, sewing, hand-finishing and pressing as well as suggest ways in which the garment can be efficient and production friendly.


We are happy to produce styles for established companies as well as young designers. Companies and Designers will need to provide fabric, markers and technical specifications for each style. We are equipped to handle the production of each style from start to finish including cutting and hang-finishing.