Distinctive Leather Goods Made in the USA

Royden Leather is known for its high quality leather belts, handmade in the USA. We make Men’s Leather Belts, Kids Leather Belts, Leather Dog Collars, Leather Camo Belts, Leather Hunting & Fishing Journals, Shotshell Belts, Women’s Leather Belts and more. Made from the best quality materials with our guarantee!
Our Men’s and Women’s Belt Sizes run from size 30 to Size 68; Kids sizes from size 20 to 28. We offer 1.50 inch width from size 30 through 68 in all belt styles, and some styles are offered additionally in dress belt width 1.25 inch for size 30 to 44. Many... (more)


We make all of our leather products. The raw materials for our products are purchased from USA Companies such as our leather hides, buckles, and hardware.


We can offer samples of items either from our designs or with your design specs from specific components already sourced and ready for production.


If the design is specific and if we cannot provide the parts needed for the product we can assist in sourcing out the design part; ie a logo.


We can mass produce but we do not hold inventory of items.