Advanced custom cosmetic, hair, skin, and pharmaceutical product development that leverages patented technologies.

Salvona prides itself on US manufacturing.

Since 1999, our team of engineers, chemists, and support staff has been developing and manufacturing advanced raw materials and finished products for cosmetic, personal care, and pharmaceutical clients globally.

What makes us unique is our advanced patent portfolio. Salvona is the only end-to-end manufacturer, meaning we make the raw ingredients all the way to filling and packaging products for our clients. Unlike most manufacturers in the industry we boast a full fledged R&D and testing lab. With this, we can test products to substantiate claims and engineer meaningful improvements from competitive... (more)


We work with our clients to understand their target consumer, potential competitors, and what their goals for success are. With that knowledge in hand we work to kraft an idea in partnership with clients that will respond well in the hyper-competitive environment in the industry today. Our unique ability to custom design raw materials means that customers can have a proprietary technology and IP associated with their new launch.


Salvona's specialty is custom designed encapsulation systems. Our systems provide our clients the ability to make time-release ("long lasting", "all day", etc.), trigger ("sweat activated", "motion activated", etc.), and targeted claims on their products. Since 1998, we have been crafting these raw materials for small and large, Fortune 100, clients. With this deep material experience, our team of chemists and chemical engineers, and partnership (Salvona is partnered and has minority ownership with one of the largest chemical manufacturer in the world) we can deliver almost anything to market.


We provide our clients with any samples they need. Our in-house design team can prepare samples at market-ready levels so they can be shown to buyers and quickly gain momentum.


Our production team is ready to manufacture as little as 500 units all the way to tens of thousands. We have experience manufacturing finished products for small consumer brands all the way to global pharmaceutical clients.