Contract Assembly and Packaging for Cosmetics, OTC Drugs, Medical Device Products

We offer a diverse range of services. Our flexibility with our capabilities enables us to offer the right kind of services to support our clients needs from start to finish.

From cosmetics to die cutting, we have the technical and regulatory knowledge to produce your product or project.

Services Include:
- Cosmetics
- Liquid & Powder Filling
- Pouches
- Assembly & Packaging
- Medical Devices ... (more)


We can suggest design changes for ease of manufacturability which can lower production costs. A product is only as good as its design. Therefore a product should be designed to be created easily and in a manner that prevents quality shortcomings that stem from a products design.


Depending on your product requirements we can source components for you. Also, we are a great resource for supplier contacts and general industry information.


Yes! From finished product samples, examples, mock-ups, to give-away sample sized pouches and vials. We understand you need a physical example of your product before production to ensure it is just the way you want it. Let us know if you need sample sized product pouches for liquids, powders, tablets, and gels. Product samples in small bottles, perfume samples, and single use sizes. These can be used for giveaways, mailings, trade shows, etc...


We are knowledgeable on challenges that can occur during production that are not obvious in the design phase. Thus, every product is tested/validated through each required process so problems and challenges can be addressed before production starts. Depending upon application, we ether create our own tooling or outsource.


We are equipped to scale up our customers production as their needs grow. Committed to finding cost savings in our production lines and with supply chain and sourcing improvements. We may also suggest design or component changes that speed up production and cut costs.