Machining, turning, metal stampings, metal fabrication, and design development.

Sault Machine Works specializes in multiple production lines including: CNC production machining and turning, metal stamping die development and production runs, and metal fabrication. We also offer the service of product development using 3D computer aided drafting (CAD) for product refinement to add efficiency to the production process, allowing products to be produced at a reduced cost to the customer without sacrificing quality. Our staff includes journeyman tool and die makers, certified welders, as well as a mechanical engineer. We feel that our knowledge of the trade would be a great benefit to designers, with the possibility to take products... (more)


3D computer aided drafting (CAD).


Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Copper Brass Bronze Plastics


Manual metalworking tools available to make one off products.


Journeyman tool and die makers on staff.


Computer numerical controlled (CNC) metalworking machines available to produce superior products at a low cost.